Established in 1969, F&H is a leading international company that specializes in complex mechanical infrastructure projects. Led by its core values of uncompromising safety and quality standards, the company is a high-performance mechanical infrastructure contractor using the cutting edge of construction technologies. Since its inception, F&H has been developing and providing end-to-end professional solutions to the construction, oil and gas industries, in Israel and abroad.

Over 45 years, F&H has served hundreds of satisfied customers, such as: Noble Energy Inc., Israel Electric Corp., Israel Chemicals Ltd. and Intel. F&H executed different projects off-shore and on-shore alike: Ashdod gas reception terminal expansion, Intel FAB18 plant establishment, connecting the Nesher Ramla cement factory to natural gas etc.

Working with state of the art machinery, F&H's highly-skilled professionals guarantee full customer satisfaction, while applying high quality assurance standards

Among our specializations:

• Construction of oil & gas plants

• Hi-tech fabs

• Fabrication of Oil and Gas Pipe Lines

• Fabrication of Oil Tanks

• Assembly of Fire Extinguishing Systems

• Rehabilitation of pipelines

• Infrastructure and Excavations Project

• PVC Piping

• Gas turbines

• Joint Torqueing Integrity certified (API)
  and High Purity Piping etc.